Solar Chariot

by Nate Cozadd

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Debut LP by Nate Cozadd.


released December 20, 2012

Nate Cozadd - Guitar, Bass, Djembe, Vocals
AJ Good - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Nick Murphy - Drums



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Nate Cozadd Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: The Kids
crooked and angry
went walking after you
curios pain
ringing low on my list of As
catch that beam of light that's
flying around the room
let it go
wants to be free to

trample beneath in the snow
i wanted you
we all have to love
in our own ways
regret is a senile hoping fool
if i had only

said nothing
about the war
said nothing
how ya feeling?
say nothing

lights warned me about you
hey nate look ahead
nobody told me
i'd abandon her
once had a bird
happy to be mind
2 broken wings
i could mend in a short time
id take it all back
cause she stepped on a goldmine
remember the days
when we sang in the sunshine

said nothing, about the war
said nothing
come on how ya feeling?
say nothing
come on people, say something
Track Name: Solar Chariot
you have friends in higher places
you feel the
sum of your choices,
was lost with me
did you see

you really faced it
you're lonely, as can be
and it shows in the face
you're showing me

you've really been there
haven't you
seen her smile
heart she has

like a rose, in sand
wind you gave her, water she needed
by the time, you recognized
you would come but never grow with me
lean on me
lean on me for a while

blessed is he with the
word of the golden key
hangs near his heart to start
tell the world this place is ours

all the while with guile
meld where i roam in style
carries a message back
from the sun for the AppamaQ

when oceans rise, planets collide
asteroid falls the sky
changes our landscape, we die
show what's inside
solid block of iron
hurtling through the galaxy,

anchor of gravity
science of poverty
economic slavery
hydroponic delivery
this pleases me
the comfort you seek
is entwined in sweet
sweet sweet
mellow, mellow

once was thrown
a golden lasso
formed a rocky home
you now call 3rd stone
second brother moon
red instead of blue
we can go when ready too
your solar chariot awaits you
Track Name: Lifeboat
see the world
in a shade of green
toxic blood
in the river stream

hits a flame
smoke appears
i'll take you there
when you get here

listen very low
songs you leave me when you go

steady hand
take good care
smile to your woes
they'll disappear

creating fear
lives forever on
i'll sing to you
before my voice is gone

all is one and all
wave crash ocean call

missed my boat
i'll take the next
jack said man
there is no next

in a thousand years
if they've found this note
a cry from a lonely crave
how the time goes

a breeze comes from the west
silently raise the blade against my chest

sailer came
into perfect view
the sun her eyes
reflect her troubles too

i can help her now
best i know
free that bird
and watch it grow

let go
dream low
sleep slow
its free
i've never changed for no one
no way
no how
not me
i think when pain is brewing
inside your mind
just breathe
focus on what you're doing
lift up
dust off
just be
practice will help you through this

let go
dream low
sleep slow
its free
Track Name: Marie
can you feel my happiness
woman makes it grow
her smile is eXstasy
tilt back and swallow

drive in the park at night with my love
getting lost in the waves in her eyes
lay you down in the grass and say
where have you been all my life
somewhere else?
thats fine

summer green and autumn leaves
bare branched naked trees
this pond looks as though
it dried out long ago

3 more mad months of the rain
and the snow
pearly white, just right
for us to roam

carving a path in the sand where we stand alone
glad i finally found my home

a squirrel jumped and flew to the ground
listen friend you'll hear the sound

of your fear
melting away
painted a picture
of the day
using colors bold
shade of grey
even the rocks glow
when and play

strife melts away
living a better life
maybe comes a day
i'll call Marie my wife

stealing a kiss at the heart of a crowd
hoping the world hears me scream out loud
i love my Marie, she's my fantasy
i'll go and tell her
i love my Marie, she's my fantasy
so i'll go and tell her
i'll go and tell her now
Track Name: Marathon
what was your childhood like?
did you pray at night?
do you sleep with the lights on when you're alone?

who was your first kiss?
how did you resist?
most importantly, was it as passionate as this?

what'd you learn in school?
did you care if they thought you're cool?
did you take these lessons and make them useful?

have you ever been in a fight?
do you feel the plight?
of the people who are crazed and mad inside?

why'd you choose the orange?
whose been your biggest support?
taking certain chances, let it be me

whats your favorite book?
do you feel the looks?
gaving at your beauty from afar?

whats the worst you've hurt?
do you feel the urge?
just to run and hide?

do you like this song?
didn't take me long
i wrote it with you in mind
Track Name: Safe in Sound
for you's faded
lingers freely
passed all my days
light up a tree
retreat to a haze
blazed stumbling

killing the world
of madness gingerly
feels like the sun
is burning for me

not a chance
to be let down
look for a glance
from the ground
keep a few things
in case you come around
its clear to me now
you're already safe in sound

packed all my troubles in a box
doubled your address and sent it off
end of the road
the words were not enough
to keep in the lines
you'll get back what is yours
send to the sun
all that you've given up
Track Name: Hannah
how could you
pray on those who are weaker
crazy fool
lives like he's still free
back to you
never left here the first time
i won't be blind to the signs

hannah is waiting inside

she doesn't see how i see
love crossed to the green
still we cling like dirt
let go and float to the top
we're all alone
you'll be here now soon enough

hannah is waiting inside

daily crying
lost, though i reside
where the fools lay wondering
who can say what's yours is mine
while i walk, alone, the morning comes
the day grow heavier
who made man and love and time